A historical family of blacksmiths, the Cioncolini’s.

Located in the Valdarno Superiore Valley, Tuscany, since its early beginnings in 1861, in 1949 the firm enters a gradual transformation process under the lead of Silvio Cioncolini, a foresighted entrepreneur with a sense for the impending social and working changes of his time. The core business shifts from the production of agricultural tools to the more advanced technology of state-of the-art frames for bicycles.
In 1950 Mario Cioncolini, as Italy was experiencing its first post-war industrial boom, enlarges and transforms the company in a metal carpentry workshop for the construction trade until 1979, when the establishment of an important industrial network in Valdarno offers the opportunity to specialize the family company in the manufacturing of sheet-metal covers for industrial machines.

In 1991 Daniele Cioncolini takes over and moves the company premises in a new and functional structure, purposely built in the locale of La Penna in the vicinity of Terranuova Bracciolini. Sensing new opportunities, Daniele diversifies the production. The first orders for computer frames are processed.

The family operation grows both in know-how and product range until in 1997 it becomes a limited company with the enrolment of Franco Cicali and Marco Poggesi. Again, the physiologic growth must be backed by a renovation of the production premises. Thanks to the support provided by his two partners, Daniele Cioncolini can now dedicate himself to a dream which is inherited from his grandfathers’ passion for the quality of wine and its preservation.

In 2012, the Wineplease project was born, and together with his son Davide Cioncolini, a new chapter in the company began with the construction and sale of top-quality wine dispensers.

In 2008 Daniele, merging intuition and enological knowledge, begins the engineering and development of what will become his Columbus’ egg.

In the meantime the three partners, anticipating events and driven by a passion for their land, in 2009 have all roof surfaces covered in photovoltaic panels and upgrade all production processes to computerized manufacturing.
The VinItaly fair 2010 sees the market launch of a patented wine dispenser system.

….WINEPLEASE is born!!!       

Wineplease ..ah!

Careful studies of renowned winemakers, give birth in 2011 the wine labeled ..ah ! (such as exclamation satisfied after tasting), IGT Toscana consists of Merlot, Bolgheri area , Tuscany, Italy. !
Best chance for the official launch of …ah! During the National Congress AIS 2013, 16 and 17 November 2014 at the station LEOPOLDA in Florence. The wine, a magnum of 1.5 liters with stopper
sealing wax, is presented in special packaging in white plate, just to witness the marriage between the world and Cioncolini Wineplease.