Double temperature, refrigerated and compact wine dispenser, suitable for preserving and serving red wines and white wines. Possibility to choose between models with compressor on the right side [“DXR8-DT”] or on the left side [“SXR8-DT”], according to your installation requirements. Perfect installation in wine corners, home interiors and showrooms.
DIMENSIONS: L1225mm / H625mm / P268mm WEIGHT: 78Kg VOLTAGE: 220v -50/60 Hz (110 – 60 Hz upon request) MAX. POWER: 0,15 KW

WINE PRESERVATION 30 days. Thanks to the conditioning in a controlled atmosphere of argon or nitrogen food-grade gas.

LOADABLE BOTTLE DIMENSIONS Both standard and magnum: max. diameter of bottle 108 mm, max. height of bottle 355 mm.

SERVING Ultimate dose accuracy and consistency, thanks to a flowmeter system.

CONSUMPTION Very low, either of electricity or gas.

INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY Possibility to couple a right-sided compressor dispenser with a left-sided compressor dispenser in a row, for a maximum installation flexibility and for prospective subsequent additions.

REFRIGERATION Double temperature (3 red wines and 2 white wines) or single temperature (8 red wines or 8 white wines) refrigeration system featuring a compressor unit for best performance.

INTERNAL TEMPERATURE Can be set from 7 to 20℃: 7-13℃ for white wines and 18-20℃ for red wines. The actual temperature inside the dispenser is shown by the display.

DOSES 2, adjustable as desired by the operator without need for tools, through a simple self-learning function.

ALMOST EMPTY BOTTLE WARNING The system warns when the bottle is almost empty, switching off the lights of the relavant push bottons.

BOTTLE RAISING SYSTEM Automatic, with electric actuation, requiring no gas waste.

VISIBILITY Maximum enhancement of the bottles inside the dispenser thanks to front and back glass windows. Moreover, flexible installations, either in front of or behind the counter are allowed.

INSULATION Double glazed front and back windows. All surfaces are thermally insulated.

MATERIALS Weather resistant and food grade stainless steel; all the components in the wine serving chain are food-grade.

MODULARITY Components are interchangeable and easy to replace.

LIGHTING Bottles are lit by cold led lighting with no ultraviolet emissions.

DEFROST WATER The machine disposes of defrost water automatically without need to connect to a discharge system.

Possibility to choose between the model with the compressor on the right side [“DXR8-DT”] or on the left side [“SXR8-DT”].
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